About our Pastor
Ambassador Baptist Church, Hopkinsville, KY

image Pastor Curtis Lear was born November 27, 1957 in Greenville, Ky. While growing up he infrequently attended a small country church. While attending a church service as a small child he realized that he was not going to Heaven. When the invitation was given, he went forth at which time he was told to read a passage of scripture and to pray.

Not understanding the scripture and only listening to the personal worker pray, he was presented to the church as, "just been saved". He continued to attend church on an irregular basis until the age of sixteen, at which time he stopped attending church completely. At the age of 22 the pastor of that small church invited him to church. He once again visited the church and through hearing several gospel messages and much Bible study, he realized he had not received Christ as his Savior. At this point he put his faith in Christ and asked for the forgiveness of his sins.

After receiving Christ, he began aggressively studying the Scriptures. During this time he also pursued a teacher's certificate. He attended Madisonville Community College for three semesters and then spent two semesters at Western Kentucky University. During the second semester at WKU he felt God's call to preach the Gospel. He then transferred to Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, TN where he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible.

When he left Chattanooga he returned to Kentucky and attended Maranatha Baptist Church in Madisonville, KY. It was during this time that he married Miss Joyce Russ who continues to faithfully serve the Lord with him. It was also at this time he was ordained and began preparing to start the Ambassador Baptist Church.

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